Power Equipment Sales Skills


Power equipment sales skills

Power System Organization:

1. State Grid: It is divided into six grid companies in East China, North China, Central China, Southwest China, Northeast China, and South China. Each power grid company has specially set up an ultra-high-pressure transportation company (which is mainly responsible for the laying of transmission lines in large-scale power grid construction), various power design institutes, high-voltage research institutes (Xi'an High-voltage Research Institute, Wuhan High-voltage Research Institute), and provincial and municipal power companies. The more important technical unit is the Shanghai Cable Research Institute.

2. Provincial power company: The main contact department has production planning office and power supply company. The Production Planning Department is referred to as the Livelihood Department for short. The main function is to formulate and formulate technical plans for the construction, modification and maintenance of power grids, and to review the plans and technical plans submitted by the power companies of the respective cities. This also includes a review of qualifications of electric power suppliers and identification of product quality and technology. The main function of power materials companies is the procurement of power materials. Such as handling network selection, hosting bidding activities, drawing up tender documents, and formulating procurement plans.

3. Electric power companies in various cities: general managers shall be appointed, in charge of the director (personnel organization, rural power, production plan), and chief engineer (in charge of technology). The subordinates include the subsistence, materials, design institutes, power substations, substations, rural power sub-bureaus and financial settlement centers. Livelihood Section: The basic functions of the Production Planning Department of the Provincial Bureau are the same. The direct leadership of the Livelihood Section is generally the Chief Engineer. The specific situation in each region is different. In some places, there may even be cases where the Livelihoods Section and the Material Division compete for procurement power. The Material Section: The basic functions of the Provincial Bureau of Power Supply and Materials are the same. The initial procedures for the signing and payment of general contracts are in the material section, and the material section is also the most direct customer target for sales personnel.