Grinders are a widely used electric hand-held cutting and grinding tool


Grinders Uses: Grinders are mainly used in power transmission and transformation projects (including underground power cable engineering), telecommunications, telecommunications projects, etc. when the construction of towers, traction cables, tightened wire, lifting heavy objects and tools, especially for cities Small batch of mobile cutter grinding operations.

The main components of the machine are: power head, gear box, winch and chassis.


Power equipment: Imported or domestic gasoline engines or diesel engine power heads, including imported heads: Japan's Mitsubishi, Yamaha, Honda, BS, Robin and other gasoline engines or diesel engines.


Grinder scientific name "angle grinder", a commonly used electric hand-held cutting and grinding tools.

Drive the motor with AC or DC to drive the umbrella gear.

The grinding mill runs at high speed and uses the working part to machine the workpiece surface or cut it.

The common models of domestic angle grinders are divided into 100 mm (4 inches), 125 mm (5 inches), 150 mm (6 inches), 180 mm (7 inches) and 230 mm (9 inches) according to the specifications of the accessories used. The small size grinders used in Europe and America are 115 mm.

According to the size and weight of the angle grinder, it is generally divided into three categories: light angle grinders (100, 115, 125), medium angle grinders, and large angle grinders.

Common accessories for cutter mills: cutting discs, grinding discs, thousands of impellers, stone cutting discs, wool wheels, wire wheels (disks), twisted wire wheels (disks), emery cloth wheels, sandpaper wheels, and so on.