Hydraulic system classification


Hydraulic components can be divided into three categories: power components, control components, and actuators. Although they are all hydraulic components, their own functions and technical requirements for installation and installation are not the same. They are described as follows:

First, what is a power component?

Power elements refer to various hydraulic pumps.

1. Two types of gear oil pump and tandem pump (including external meshing and internal meshing).

2. Blade oil pump (including single-stage pump, variable pump, double-stage pump and double pump).

3、Plunger pump is divided into axial piston pump and radial piston pump. Axial piston pump has quantitative pump, variable pump,

The quantity pump is divided into manual variable and pressure compensation variable, servo variable and so on. From the structure, it is divided into two types of oil distribution: end surface oil distribution and valve oil distribution oil, and radial piston pump oil distribution pattern. Basically valve type distribution.

Second, what are the control components?

All kinds of hydraulic valves are control elements.

1, pressure control valve

(1) Pressure control valves include: relief valve, electromagnetic relief valve, relief relief valve, one-way relief valve and relief valve, one-way decompression

Valves, sequence valves, one-way sequence valves, etc.

(2) The scope of the sequence valve is divided into direct control sequence valve, remote control sequence valve, unloading valve, direct control one-way sequence valve, remote control

There are seven kinds of one-way sequence valve, direct-controlled balancing valve and remote-controlled balancing valve, as well as pressure relays and various pressure control valves, which are used in various types of hydraulic transmission systems according to different conditions of use and characteristics. Hydraulic system.

2, direction control valve

Directional control valves include one-way valves, pilot-operated one-way valves, electromagnetic directional valves, electromagnetic ball valves, solenoid directional valves and manual directional valves

And many kinds of manual rotary valve.

3, flow control valve

Flow control valves include: throttle valve, one-way throttle valve, speed control valve, one-way speed control valve and stroke throttle valve, and one-way stroke throttling

Valves, unidirectional stroke speed control valves, etc.

Third, there are several kinds of actuators

Actuators include hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motors.

1, hydraulic cylinder

Vehicle cylinders, single-acting cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, oscillating cylinders, single-acting multi-stage cylinders (sleeve cylinders)

Multi-stage cylinders and spring return cylinders are used.

2, hydraulic motor

Hydraulic motors, gear motors, vane motors, piston motors, etc., that is to say, almost quantitative oil pumps can theoretically be used as horses


3、 Low speed high torque hydraulic motor

(1) Internally meshed cycloid motor.

(2) In-line hydraulic motor, sub-shaft rotation and shell rotation two types.

(3) Double disc axial piston motor.

(4) Radial piston type hydraulic motor.

(5) Ball plunger type low speed high torque hydraulic motor.

(6) Static balance low speed high torque low hydraulic motor.